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Improve quality of higher education

Md. Atikur Rahman | September 22, 2018
Symbolic Picture

Symbolic Picture

The universities play an important role in forming a knowledge-based society, creative and creative nation. To build a knowledge-based nation and to stay competitive in the competitive world, education and research must be invested substantially. So, it is important to increase the international standards for higher education. Higher education means research base studies.

But there is not enough scope for research in education in any higher education institution in the country. As a result, international standards of higher education are not increasing. One of the reasons is the financial difficulties of the university. Depression, universities can not pay much attention to increasing income by attracting foreign students. They do not do too much to reduce the dependence on the government and find alternate ways to raise income.

Again, from the state level, education is not enough to allocate funds for research. Many of the university teachers are often apologized to regret but the situation do not change. In this way, can any University study never reach the standard of international level?

The development of quality of education has just flown in front of our eyes, the huge passed in the SSC and HSC examinations. There is no way to deny, because these two examinations are the biggest public examinations in the country, so the focus is on them all. In recent years, the pass rate has increased significantly in these two examinations. After publishing the results of the examination, we are delighted to see the merry students being published in newspapers. But what do we think, why students are not able to make the path of higher education difficult for them, even if they have done the most important results in one of the two public examinations of life? Today, who are doing good results in the SSC and HSC examinations, there is no doubt that one part of them will go abroad once for higher studies. And most students will be left in the country. Those who will be in the country, many of them will come to the higher education life. Besides, there are many universities with no security environment. What is the way to release the students from such situation?

While it is true, there are many prominent universities in Bangladesh, but most of them today have been knocked out of the stairs giving an advanced education system under internal conflicts. Many universities are dominated by various instability. We are also looking for news reports on the increase in the blood pressure of a University Vice-Chancellor due to the teachers' hunger strike and sit-in programs to pay our wages, salary and allowances. Is not it the most unfortunate situation in our higher education? A few weeks ago, it was seen that office begging office beckoned by colleagues instead of solving solutions by discussing the problems caused by another university. There is still unrest in the university. In many universities, students often see conflicting positions of the disputed groups and their armed raid is conducted. These situations, on the one hand, are creating questions like the quality of education; on the other hand, these activities are also a matter of extreme concern for everyone.

A large section of teachers of most universities are divided into different factions. Many of them have ever seen to be busy with anti-provocative movements, and are often busy with other issues. In this situation, there is no safe environment in the university. Sometimes, due to various movements of the students, the study of the university has been interrupted.

Recently a report was published UGC on the quality of education. According to the report, has pointed out the overall situation of the higher education in the country, it has been mentioned as a problem, the educational qualifications of graduates passed in certain private universities and colleges under the National University are questioned. Although higher education is expanding, the expected value of education can not be ensured. In order to ensure quality of education, preparing contemporary and realistic curriculum, modern laboratories, proficiency in English language, presenting their thoughts in writing and verbally, and advising the universities to add the necessary material to the curriculum for acquiring information-technology skills. Professor Md Abdul Mannan, Chairman, Grant Commission said that “many private universities are doing well and we are not satisfied with some of the university's educational programs. We gave instructions and suggestions to these universities to ensure quality education system”.

Questions about the test method: The UGC report said that the examination method of the University plays a key role in the quality of the degree obtained by the students. However, the Commission expressed concern over the differences in the examination procedures among the universities. On behalf of the commission, it is said that there is a great difference between examining universities. Two examiners are in the old (government) universities. In this manner, an outside university (specialist) teacher, apart from the course teacher, answers the answers sheet separately. On the other hand, the private university does not know how to take the examination and the assessments are evaluated. The Grant Commission According to the information available to them, course teachers formulate the only question paper and evaluate the answer sheets in private universities. UGC has expressed dissatisfaction with this method. Rather, it is also mentioned that an outside expert is required to verify the quality of the question paper and the merits of the evaluation.

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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A uniform policy regarding appointment and promotion of teachers of all public universities of Bangladesh is finalized on 25 April 2011 by the University Grants Commission. However, after accepting the policy after accepting it, the teachers of various universities refused to accept that the proposal made by the teachers' committees was not properly reflected in this policy; although the role of the policy says that before formulating this policy, UGC has given detailed discussions with teachers of various levels. Then the question arises, why are the teachers refusing to accept it?

Looking at the UGC's policy, it seems that education is more important in the classroom than the teachers of the university. But the main work of the universities is not only education or knowledge, but also by creating new knowledge through research. This way our neighboring country India, even Pakistan, too much forward. Because of this, investing in research is also sufficient to attract university teachers' salary and allowances, such as two or three times more than us, as well as attracting talented students and returning home to those who are abroad. And we are walking on the opposite side of the road, which will not only make us research-oriented, but it will accelerate the process of making dependence on the basis of knowledge. The uniform policy for universities is of course necessary. However, in the absence of discrimination among the different universities, new discrimination is also unreasonable. So it is important to discuss different ways of identical policies made by the UGC and to resolve the issues and to make new proposals.

On the other hand, the main objectives of the university teachers are to refrain from conducting research work because of the provision of promotion of the teachers with minimum degree of publication, without the minimum PhD degree, in the case of general policy and promotion of teachers in the university. As a result, the students of the university are being deprived of educational quality standards, which are a great obstacle to teaching quality, which is not desirable. We believe that a university teacher must be knowledgeable in his subject and others areas, including the conduct research work. In this case, it someone joins the job as a lecturer at the university, then for the next promotion, then he has get PhD degree. There should be research and multiple national and international publications or articles in their respective fields. In order to be able to do so, you have to refrain from cooperating with the process of getting promoted by the author or the researcher without following it. Employers should be aware of this. Although it is true, instead, the dream of building a creative, science-based, humanitarian and non-communal Bangladesh will only be possible by making certain policies for recruitment and promotion of teachers. In order to improve the quality of education in the country and create skilled human resources of the world must be urgently urged to take initiative and implement it, which is important.

But the light of hope is that the present government is working to improve the quality of Education. In this regard, the Honorable Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said the government is sincerely working to ensure the quality of education by taking ICT-based programmes. “Despite many challenges, our government has implemented some remarkable and praiseworthy ICT-based projects for improving the standard of education by introducing digital textbooks in classrooms,” He also said “We’re introducing digital textbook system for ensuring better future of students in the ICT-based globalised world”. “You (students) are the future of the country. That’s why you have to be good citizen by acquiring knowledge to accelerate the country’s development process for building a prosperous Bangladesh. He urged the students to acquire knowledge on modern education aiming to keep them updated with the job markets of changing world”. According to the information published by the World Bank, it is important to emphasize the importance of six qualities 'A' education. It is: Assessment, Autonomy, Accountability, Attention to teachers, Attention to early childhood development and Attention to culture. The Six A’s of Quality Education. It is more important to emphasize this six A’s in the quality education.

In the end, the more educated the nation is, the more advanced it is. If we can not teach our new generation with timely and quality education, then this country and nation will have to face a terrible catastrophe. The artisan to make the educated nation must be considered in terms of how much knowledge the teacher possesses and the ability and ability to be. In this case, the UGC will be more responsible and increase the necessary instruction and surveillance of the quality improvement of education in the university. Every university has to provide all kinds of suggestions and guidance to increase the scope of research, as well as to solve the common policy errors. The government has given more attention to the education sector to increase international standards for higher education. Because most of the educated graduates are now out of the university, with the degree and knowledge acquired, it will bring a terrible catastrophe against the development of the country and nation. The problem will be solved before such a terrible situation is created. For this reason, more good will to the needy.

Writer: Md. Atikur Rahman, Columnist & Head PRO at BUFT
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