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The Bank is a public welfare oriented for the sake of business and investment

Md. Atikur Rahman | January 10, 2018
Bangladesh bank

Bangladesh bank

The country's economy has been stuck repeatedly through the dread of political turmoil in the wake of the ongoing elections. After the political turmoil, foreign investors are turning away from this country. One sabotage incident is being made in the garment industry.

In order to increase the prices of electricity, gas and fuel oil, the country's overall trade and commerce situation is dying; the deteriorating interest of the bank has seen a drought on the death. Which has negative impact on the entire economy, including the country’s overall trade and commerce? Although the government is taking steps to reduce the bank loan which is positive. However, it is necessary to ensure that this loan is provided to the appropriate person and institution, not in political and party considerations, but in the honorable court of daughter. Which means banks are more important to prevent fraud?

Thus, in the banking sector, many untimely banks are making more general confidence to the general public. Which are hindering overall progress of the country? In such a situation, many economists are afraid that borrowing from banks will largely reduce the huge budget announced by the government this year. On the other hand, economists feel right that due to political unrest, business unhealthy condition, loss of investment, lack of income tax, agricultural crisis in the agriculture sector, unrest in the garment sector, closure of industrial industries and greater confidence in the bank.

As a result of such liquidity crisis in banks, more fears of lowering the flow of private sector loans will be ensured. Which will lead to a major hindrance in the management of all types of business and industry and to invest money in new entrepreneurs and invest in new industries, which can never be desired in the interest of developing countries for developing countries? Some bank robberies and political and commercial banks more money fraud, political interest in debt and more nepotism due to leakage of newspapers and newspapers, as well as the general public confidence in some banks, in the same way, due to more caution and complexity of banks in providing loans to private The amount of credit in the sector is declining. As a result, there is a situation of lazy money being created in most banks. Which hinders the overall progress of the developing country and is the main reason behind the terrible disaster in the banking sector, which is never desirable for the overall progress of the country and the welfare of the people?

Because if this situation prevails, the country's overall economy, trade and industry will have negative impact on all sectors including. Which will hinder the development of the country’s post? In this case, although some banks are willing to avail themselves of their liabilities, they are giving some nominal loans to the entrepreneurs in different walks of time, and much mismanagement, including corruption and bribery, in the name of various services without the rules of the banks, are taking advantage of the interest of borrowers from these banks. And trust is both being wasted.

Basically, the existing irregularities and complexities in the banking sector are extremely discouraging them from receiving loans from banks. Especially in the country, the interest of taking money from the banks of the commercial banks and taking advantage of fraud in the most unethical way from the bank is to carry the entire nation in the political cover due to the accumulation of interest earned by the private commercial banks and with the help of some unscrupulous officials. Which brought the country’s banking sector to the extreme drought and greater confidence? It is important to have a quick end to this situation.

The news of millions of taka, millions of money and money laundering in the published banking sector one after another, makes the general public of this country unreliable against most state and commercial banks. In addition to accepting two-digit interest on behalf of bank loans and different facilities in their mouths, there is also a lot of disagreement about the various harassment and suffering of treatment and against the service, which seems to be of greater concern. But banks are saying different things. According to them, in order to prevent the suffering of customers, the realization of the real picture with the words of banks and financial institutions protecting the interests of the customers, protecting all kinds of harassment, strengthening the trust and trust of the people in the bank, consolidating the bank-customer relationship and ensuring the best and efficient customer service. Does not seem to match. Therefore, for the sake of the immediate end of the situation and the overall progress of the country, the people of the concerned sector will be able to ensure overall security of the bank, with the highest priority of the sector, besides making greater efforts to improve their services.

Sadly, despite the fact that many private banks in the name of different names are being formed in the hope of gaining the benefits of two types of benefits like the umbrella frog in the country with political advantage during the different government. They are seen to be busy in earning more profits against the overall welfare of the people and the people. Although this is true - in exchange for money in new banks, some educated unemployed youth find employment in the golden deer, but there are various types of inconsistencies in the service of these banks. Although they are not hesitant to say that the recruiting officials of the marketing section of their employed are going to different offices and their bank's advantage is to bank loan or credit card by refusing to provide them the benefits of the bank. As a result, there is a variety of inconsistent incidents happening between bank loans and credit card holders, which are unfortunate.
To prevent this situation, the central bank's intervention is necessary for determining the rate of interest rates of private banks at the logic level. It is also important to dedicate themselves to the overall welfare of the country and the people with the attitude of more services to be reduced by way of lower interest rates than banks. One thing about the marketing is heard, "More services at a lower price". In this case, if banks are able to reduce interest rates in the unlikely loan, then the number of subscribers in these banks will increase, the amount of khilfi loans will decrease, the repayment of the loan will be more. This will prevent customer distress and banks will be more beneficial. And implementing it will bring good to all.

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

Account Benefit
In the absence of commercial banks, the uneven competition of interest rates at unexplained rate, the earning of the officials against the lending, the scam and corruption of the nominal and the pad-based institutions, the credit scandal and the corruption, the acceptance of interest from borrowers in different services, credit services, From credit card users To give loans to non-governmental organizations for leasing out of unaccounted money and identifying the officials of the bank, their cadres are identified by the number of crores of rupees to the credit of the users of the credit card users for various harassment, money laundering and various types of sufferings in the name of service, .

It is rare to get the credit card from the bank by accepting the credit card and the card can be withdrawn by deducting the deductions. In addition to the banks, the bargaining of two quarters of interest to the employees in the name of service to pay salaries and bank management expenses is being imposed on the borrowers. As a result, the common people and the entrepreneurs of the borrowers, who were badly beaten by the losers of the loan, are losing their trust every day. Moreover, the amount of defaulted loan is also increasing due to non-return of the loan due to the high rate due to high-borrowing loans.

In essence, the unbiased interest of the banks is basically the overall development of the country, the creation of new industries, the creation of new jobs to reduce unemployment, and especially for the socio-economic development and economic release of the country. Due to greater confidence among the entrepreneurs of the country's national and commercial banks, due to interest and irregularities, complexity and mismanagement against the debt, most of the country's investors are now at risk of taking short-interest foreign borrowing. As a result, huge amount of money is coming from the country after the interest of foreign loan. That's why the overall development of the country is a big threat to the country's economy, new industrial expansion and banking services sector. To make such situation, the government, relevant ministries, departments and central banks will have to take realistic steps as soon as possible. To ensure the overall progress of the country and the economy, eliminating all the barriers existing in this sector, all types of banks should be built more friendly and confident.

In this case many think that banks must first liberate all political effects in the improvement of the banking sector; CBA leaders should stop more moderate and partialization; Not only in the words of the central bank, in order to ensure customer service by eliminating all kinds of neglect, work should be more stringent in taking initiative and implementation; In view of political considerations, the bank should refrain from giving permission; Transparency and accountability should be ensured for the payment of debt, so that the nominal number of PDs can not be taken more and can not be fraudulently; Identifying the dishonest officials in this sector and not only the departmental investigation and the temporary dismissal, they should be brought under the proper law and ensure speedy punishment to ensure the sending of them to jail; Nine more qualified, experienced and honest people in political consideration should be appointed as members of the board of directors and their accountability should be ensured; To stop fraudulent and pad-based organizations in the process of lending, the bank officials must stop the sale of personal loans and bribes to the lender; By implementing one policy for all banks, banks must stop the ill-competitive competition of profits; The Central Bank will have to increase the monitoring of all banks under the specific policies and enforce them; The bank will have to fulfill more qualified manpower shortage in the banking sector, by eliminating more party recruitment, nepotism and hiring business in the bank; In the case of new bank approval, the capabilities, competencies and credentials of the bank should be given greater importance without prioritizing political considerations; To reduce the impact of bad credit, more warnings have to be made in credit; In order to prevent more debt playoffs, reduce the interest of the loan, on a simple basis, a few steps should be made to ensure the repayment of the loan so that the interest of both the customer and the bank is protected and above all, the banks will have to build up with more confidence and mentality of service.

Banks should be free of all political influences in implementing the mentioned works and the customer service needs to be kept in mind. In order to improve the quality of services, all banks should be brought under a specific policy and in order to implement it, the central bank will play a more rigorous role. Therefore, we believe that the role of concerned people will play a more responsible role in the work of the workers, not to mention the entrepreneurship and public confidence of the bank. Ultimately, the central bank's policy makers talked about introducing Bangladesh Bank Helpdesk established in 2011 to ensure advanced and efficient customer service and said popularity through fast service based on customer complaints. But there is no hesitation to say, how well the people of this country are aware of this helpdesk are genuinely questioned. There is no such news in the newspapers that we have not seen anybody who is happy with the services of the banking industry, but rather, in contrast, the bank has been reluctant to accept the bank's debt due to the suffering and harassment of the bank, which is not desirable.

So we believe that to increase the standard of service, we have to come up with more attention to work and mind-mental service to the bank concerned than the people concerned. Because harassment in the banking sector is not desirable for any user, because it simply does not discourage the users of the sector, makes the bank unreasonable to accept it, it also blocks the profit of the bank. So, as soon as possible, the central bank's policy-makers wanted to intervene to further hindrance the obstacles mentioned in greater confidence to the banks. Because, we want all kinds of banks in the country to be safe and public welfare-which are more important for the expectation of the customers and the interest of the bank. In order to fulfill this expectation, the prospects of the central bank, including the central bank, will take immediate steps. In this case, the wishes of the concerned people are more important.
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