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The importance of poverty alleviation

Md. Atikur Rahman | December 27, 2017
Symbolic pictures

Symbolic pictures

It is more important to strengthen the local government system for the overall development of the country as well as to reach the doorstep of the people of the development administration.

In order to ensure the fundamental rights of the country's socioeconomic development and rural poverty-stricken people by improving the vulnerable aspects of this type of administration, besides implementing such administration for the improvement of their living standards, it is absolutely essential for the present country. It is not possible to eliminate poverty by spending money sporadically and unplanned, without empowering people's empowerment, rule of law, accountability and strengthening local government. The need for democracy in all stages is to reform the electoral system. In that system, helpless poor people can participate in the election process and go to power.

Where the capitalist's eyesight is the main obstacle to this work and the main obstacle in establishing democracy of the country. Development of the country's economic development, and the development of humanity, is not possible by keeping half of the population below the poverty level under the poverty line. Because of this, looking towards the poor people, it is more urgent to extend the cooperation of the government, banks and NGOs in promoting the local government system and strengthening the micro-credit as well.

In this way, the people of this country have spent some time in the ongoing political, economic, social, national and international affairs, through many disasters. In addition to this, the people of this country have become disheartened because of the unprecedented crisis of gas prices, gas, electricity, water, housing and fuel oil, along with their huge crisis.

Now, like the capitalists, in the adoption of free market economies, countries like us are trapped in their conditions, we are continuously moving forward towards suicide-destroyers, which is really a cause of horror. In this case, capitalists are expanding, promoting and promoting the market of their products, but on the other hand, the market of our country’s products is being made to enter the wealthy countries. In this case, we need to see alternative ways, to prevent such massive discrimination; we must introduce a new economic policy and move towards new economic philosophy. Where social market economics, society and state will play the role of main guard.

In this case, local government-centered development, reflections on the Constitution, guided way, the appropriate Director to make the will in this regard policy makers, any type of Taliban will not run for local government professionals the necessary financing and empowering appropriate provide arrangements to be sure. If possible, the percentage of 40% of the revenue budget directly to local government will give.

Poverty will be paid for redemption. The local government has to be created as the center of development for rural people. The local government will have to connect with the local government with the rural economy and the rural economy. If we do these, we hope that the path of poverty reduction will be accessible and significant progress will be achieved. In the case of poverty reduction, the government has to give more importance to land reforms. For the small and cottage industry, more allocation and investment board will be implemented. The government will provide special assistance for the production of agricultural produce and export of it.

The rural disadvantaged people will have to form a Disaster Fund Trust. One system education system should be started. GDP needs to be allocated for the education sector. The conditional market economy will be canceled. To make more subsidies on generating products and farming, in this case, the decision will be taken by analyzing the benefits of losses. Our country's social change holders such as small farmers, expatriate workers, small industry owners, garments and textile workers, blacksmiths, fishermen, weavers, and professional groups will have to empower them properly. Elimination of poverty in the country is not possible without them. Therefore, the state should strengthen their hands for poverty reduction.

At present our country's policy-makers, politicians, bureaucrats, high-born people should not be truly loyal to the words, and must take vigilant attitude and effective measures to prevent discrimination between the rich and the poor, the village and the city. In essence, this discrimination is being created through the unequal ownership and distribution of land system, by protecting tax money, and by spending more of the policy-makers in private other sectors. Although we all know very well that poverty is not possible on the part of this state by protecting the interests of capitalists in this country.
Nevertheless, if the policy makers of this country decide the poverty reduction in the important agenda, the Agriculture Chief will make necessary changes in the agricultural system, universal modern education, agriculture and technical education in this country as well as strengthening the local government for the development of local development and local administration for local development. Prepare and implement budget by getting the proper implementation of the poverty reduction, however, significant progress can be made can be found.

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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In this case, free market economics will be free from the paw of capitalism in country and nation. As long as we cannot get rid of this patch, it will not be possible to reduce poverty. In order to implement this work, the government has to move towards new economic philosophies based on opinion and consensus of all levels of political, economic and social, and must be motivated to increase poverty.

In a very short time, our enchanting progress and big success in this small country is thinking of another country. Again, many of us have turned this progress into their eyes. As a result, there is no conspiracy against the country inside and outside the country, which is not desirable. 52 Language Movement, 71's Great Liberation War is our greatest achievement.

Farmers of our country can produce bumper crops, we have huge human resources if they can be cooperated and short and long term training can be made suitable for action, but this country will not take much time to stand up. The land which is purer than gold, and why the country which is behind the soil from the soil of the country will be trapped under the trap of capitalist debt for the loan? We have to be zealous to utilize our social capital.

The way, in which developing countries compose their own destiny, we need to fix our work schedule. There is a lot of importance to establishing social democracy than establishing state democratic system in the world. People living in countries where social democracy prevails, people of the country can live up to their minimum demands. There is no curriculum in the curse of poverty, there is no employment opportunity. In this case, the society comes forward with the help of those destitute and poverty and to meet their needs.

Our unfortunate policy holders of our country did not get the time to look at such creative initiatives. Our request to policy makers of our country is the source of power, strengthen the local government system to build the fate of these people and make the economy of this country a solid foundation.
Our unfortunate policy holders of our country did not get the time to look at such creative initiatives. Our request to policy makers of our country is the source of power, strengthen the local government system to build the fate of these people and make the economy of this country a solid foundation. Only strengthen your political power, not the personal and the party's influence, but to strengthen the country's democracy and economy, refrain from trying to frustrate the power of capitalist and Lord Rashtra and put confidence and trust in the 16 million people of this country.

It is not possible to achieve national development, including the socio-economic development of the country, without strengthening rural infrastructure and strengthening the local government system for the destiny of the rural poor. In this case, urging the political leaders of the country to use your political force to love the country for the overall development of the countryside, forget about the overall development of the country, as well as the power of the people, the overall prosperity of the people, all work together, poverty alleviation is the main goal for the liberation of your country and nation.

Writer: Md. Atikur Rahman, Columnist & PRO of BUFT
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