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Children who are detained in the chain of poverty...

Md. Atikur Rahman | December 07, 2017
Child labor

Child labor

In most of our country child labor often results in poverty. However, in many cases, traditional reasons and more families are behind it. In fact, the financial crisis of the family, the poorest, forced children to become employed as a child labor.

The main cause of child labour in Bangladesh is unlimited poverty. Experts have said that children of Bangladesh are forced to sell labour for life in the age group of 6 to 7 years due to family and socio-economic reasons. Today many children have come to the city because of the financial crisis of the family and they have been child labor.

This is the main reason for increasing child labor in a poverty-stricken country like Bangladesh. Besides, there are many other reasons to increase child labor in this country, such as the children of poverty-stricken families who are engaged in the task of protecting themselves and their families; Parents are forced to send children to school instead of sending them to school; the inability of the parents to bear separate expenses for the education of children; Lack of educational institution and weakness in education system; Ignorance about the harmful aspects of child labor; Legal weakness in the preservation of child rights; Being helpless due to natural disaster; Additional population; Lack of comprehensive ideas about family planning; Many guardians' blind ideas are more child-earning tools; Growth of landless population; Centralization of industrial factories in special areas; Due to side effects of the increase in unemployment of older workers; Due to discrimination and increase in homeless and floating families, the number of child laborers is increasing in this country. Currently, more than 57% of the population is afflicted with poisonous poverty. As a result, they have to meet their basic needs; they have to face extreme hardships during family maintenance. There are so many families in our country who can not eat at one hour in Phutpet. In this society, a khetkhao poor people earn money by working all day and buying two kg of rice, they do not have any money left to buy anything else. The parents or guardians are forced to send two or two biscuits in the face of their child to send them to the work of kindergarten children.

But every parent wants his child to be as good as everyone else, and be like a man. But in spite of having many wishes in the ruthless poison of poverty, when the parents can not afford two or two fatty foods to survive their children, those parents do not hesitate to send them to work for the sake of saving their children. But the expectation and desire of every parent is the bright future of their child. A good example of this - recently published and circulated news attracted the attention of everyone - a mother in the footpath is teaching her child a book. The mother also hopes her child will be very much a day to learn likes a child. By seeing this scenario, at least one of us should realize how difficult and horrendous situation a parent does not hesitate to send risks to the risk of saving their child. But for those parents, if more income-generating projects can be adopted, the wealth of the society, which can be self-reliant by donating financial support according to their ability, will only stop child labor. Therefore, the future young generation will have to come forward to save our future generation from this society and play an important role in implementing it.

None of us will do anything to stop child labor in the country, as long as we can not take income generating projects for the child guardians and make them self-reliant in poverty alleviation. Nowadays, international organizations and domestic companies in child labor prevention are so vocal that the number of child laborers is increasing. Youth will have to come forward to address this horrific problem in this context. In this country, many NGOs and domestic organizations have taken hundreds of crores of rupees from government and foreign organizations to put a nominal sign board on various projects to prevent child labor. They do nothing at work. Youth must be aware of this kind of organization to come forward.

In order to resist this masked person in society, this young young man will have to come forward to do good deeds. In this country, every conscious youth can form a group of young people in their respective areas with the help of that group, which can provide financial support to the wealthy people of the society, and provide them with income-oriented work to the poor parents of the area. For this work, the wealthy of every society will have to come forward. In this case, the wealthy should keep in mind that those poor guardians are part of your family and your duty to cooperate them in any way.

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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In this country, every conscious youth can form a group of young people in their respective areas with the help of that group, which can provide financial support to the wealthy people of the society, and provide them with income-oriented work to the poor parents of the area. For this work, the wealthy of every society will have to come forward. In this case, the wealthy should keep in mind that those poor guardians are part of your family and your duty to cooperate them in any way. Likewise, the Government should ensure the income-oriented work of the parents as much as possible on priority basis from the limited resources rather than legislation to prevent child labor. Besides, if these arrangements can be made to provide modern training for production oriented to ensure the employment path, then it is better. With the help of interest-free financial loans to generate their income, child labor will stop automatically from the country.

According to a report published by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics last December, there are as many as 3.45 million children in active labour in Bangladesh. Ten years ago, when the BBS published its last report, 3.2 million children were in active labour. So, in 10 years, child labour has increased by 250,000. The report also says that 1.228 million children were engaged in hazardous jobs. In 2003, this figure was 1.3 million, showing that in 10 years the government has managed to remove 72,000 children from hazardous jobs. The government will eliminate child labour from 38 risky sectors within 2021 and from all sectors by 2025.” However, some of the other sectors, including transport, still remain heavily dominated by child labour, many in hazardous jobs. The Labour Act 2006 specifies that the minimum age of employment is 14 and the government has even declared a number of sectors as hazardous for children. But countless children way below 14 are engaged in some of the worst forms of child labour in many of the aforementioned sectors, leaving them exposed to physical, economic and sexual exploitation.
Because of the fact that child labour is largely driven by economic reasons, children from low socioeconomic backgrounds are often forced to work in dangerous conditions as welders, bus conductors, domestic help, tanners, etc., putting their lives in serious jeopardy. These children are not only being deprived of a childhood but also being robbed of their future with no scope to acquire a proper education and the skills needed to exit the cycle of familial poverty. An overall nonchalant attitude towards child labour and the lack of implementation of existing laws and policies make it extremely difficult to reduce – let alone eradicate – child labour in Bangladesh. Without proper enforcement of the law and a zero-tolerance policy towards child labour, the Bangladesh government will fail to live up to its commitment to protect one of the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Therefore, in order to protect these kind of child from child labor in society, the government, society's rich and above all potential youth will come forward. I think this potential youth of society will be able to protect children from inhuman work like child labor and make significant contributions to this work. If we can not do this work, this nation will be uncomfortable and embarrassing to the next generation of social life through cramped humanity. Therefore, these future children will have to be made eligible for the overall development of the country and the nation, and to ensure the overall development and overall development of the children in the family, the children will be able to produce poor parents and earn more income. Basically, if you can successfully implement this work, child labor will automatically stop from the country. In order to prevent child labor, the youth of this country must be vocal and come forward.

Writer: Md. Atikur Rahman, Columnist & PR Specialist of BUFT.
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