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No increase in the prices of electricity and gas

Md. Atikur Rahman | November 25, 2017
Electricity  line

Electricity line

Every time the increase in production costs is increased, the price of electricity and gas. Basically, the companies involved in unbridled corruption, waste and their policies are putting more expensive expenditure in the name of higher inflation, in the neck of ordinary people like us. Does the general public have the power of book; is there no one to see it? Despite the increase in electricity generation three times and the new findings of oil and gas, the devaluation of these prices is not at all comfortable for the nation.

Especially in relation to the cost of power and gas by the concerned service companies, the cost of LPG gas, the increase in the income of the people, the increase in the income of the people, the loss of waste, the loss of electricity and gas, which is more worrying for the general public like us. Although the international prices are currently low in the international market, it is imperative for policy-makers to give special attention to bringing financial discipline to the more corruption and expenditure of the companies operating in the sense of not increasing the cost of electricity and gas.

According to the report published in the daily newspaper, electricity prices have increased in the second round. As per the announcement Thursday, the price has increased 5.3 percent. In the last 9 years, the price of electricity was increased for the eighth time. At the same time, the prices of the prices of the low prices of the people of the price rise increased. The excess cost of electricity bills on them will cause them to suffer more. Because, this increase in electricity will only put pressure on monthly bills - not so much. Electricity prices have also been increased in the commercial and industrial areas outside the house used. Which will play a leading role in increasing the price of goods and services?

The crisis is not something new with electricity. Even though the government raises the price, all the efforts to ensure the supply of electricity are not yet seen. Electricity load shedding severe in rural areas there is no end to suffering due to electricity in industrial areas. There were also incidents of no electricity for eight hours in some factories. Electricity comes this - this goes, it is difficult to operate the factory. After introducing many new entrepreneurs, they could not start the factory due to lack of power connections. Many people are not able to produce quality products because there is not enough supply. In this situation, the business has become bad and without being able to repay the business money, many entrepreneurs have become defaulters. What is the principle of these entrepreneurs on the head of the policymakers? If the price of the cable exceeds, the wheel of development will not be rotated far enough - this truth also has to be realized.

Even though the current government does not give much importance to the increase in power and gas production and the use of renewable energy, the financial pressure of all types of gas and electricity is increasing, making it more difficult for the common people like us. Which will make the situation of macroeconomic and investment delicate? Transportation and public transportation system adverse effects Transport owners will be able to increase the rent if they want to increase the price. Because most of the time the failure of their respective firms in the rent control is observed more. There will also be negative impacts on the production of small and medium industries, including the garment industry, all other industries. Which will bind the living standard of the common man? Already prices of essential commodities have started to increase. Now it is not possible to buy one kg of vegetables under 40 taka. No one can be in peace and comfort after hearing about the increase in electricity and gas prices. On the one hand there is lack of due to inflation, in between, the increase in the burden of the house rent, transportation fares and the rise in the cost of daily commodity, the lack of employment, etc. Will increase the burden of the poor and the poor. Which can not be expected for anyone? If this situation continues, people will be more likely to go under the poverty line. As a result, the current government is thinking of reducing hunger and poverty from the government, it will be in a single word. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to prevent unauthorized use of power and gas without hiking the power and gas usage. Along with this, they will be able to deal with the crisis using alternative energy, including the production and stocking of them, that work will be done accordingly. Which may be more effective than the price hike?

Although already facing the energy crisis, various countries of the world are working with renewed energy to ensure their energy security. On the contrary, we keep the gas-based power plants in the country without increasing the importance of renewable energy sources, keeping limited use of gas and coal, and increasing prices in unplanned prices, gas supply at the same price to public and private transport, failure to create specific policies for CNG use in the car, Only one match for home cooking The tendency of burning a gas stove throughout the day by saving a telegram, avoiding unauthorized use of unlimited gas to pay gas bill of 400 rupees, illegal connections to unauthorized officers and concerned people, and more failure of money laundering, gas and coal exploration and withdrawal, bottled LG gas and Extensive discrimination between the prices of the supplied gas, related Not having the luxury control system of the companies, failure of real value, coal policies are not implemented, more mismanagement and co-ordination in implementation of the project, more insatiability among those who meet the energy deficit from renewable energy sources, more failure to attract investor in the sector, Country and organization With the lack of transparency and greater damage by them, as well as failure to meet the demand of increasing the population and industrial factories, the way the crisis is concentrated, it may create a more dire situation in the coming days. Which will bounce consumers' normal needs?

If this situation continues, the country's overall progress and production-oriented industrial activities will be hampered. Therefore, it should be necessary for the people to take more control over their illegal, misleading and unlimited use, to increase the awareness of the customers to prevent unauthorized access, to reduce their dependence on the current low wages, and to stress on the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy. Which will be able to protect the country and the nation from some of the worst calamities in the world? Although the government had earlier enforced the condition of power connection to meet the power crisis, it was mandatory to set up solar panels for a certain amount of load in commercial and residential sectors. But sadly, it is not possible to achieve the desired success of the conditions, due to the misunderstanding and connection of the solar pallet with the intricacy of the consumer and the merchandise of a class of business and distribution companies, and the removal of the panel after the connection, which seems to be a cause for concern. In this case, the government and power authorities will have to face corruption before implementing the condition of the government. Which will be able to play a positive role in implementing the desired purpose of the condition?

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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Residential, commercial and industrial-all the electricity prices will have a negative effect on the upper, middle-class and low-income groups. But there was no logic to increase the price of electricity at this time. Consumers Association Bangladesh (CAB) has argued for the price reduction even if it is made public. The cab demand, what is the benefit of the public-if the government is in favor of raising prices. Again, the concerned adviser said that this price increase is a matter of fact. The result was that if this increase does not increase the cost of production and trade and commerce. Not only that, it will also have negative impact on the export sector. Kamiebe export capacity. If it was such that the uninterrupted supply of electricity will be ensured with the increase in electricity, even then, at least this would be the logical value of the price increase. Therefore, we will take the initiative to analyze the harmful effects of the price rise of electricity and it will take the initiative to deal with it properly - this is our hope.

Already the severe crisis and woes of electricity and gas have been observed throughout the capital including the capital, and there is also a great deal of writing in newspapers and newspapers. In particular, many such events, such as power-load shedding, gas rationing, sitting in the lining of the CNG station for gas, idle sitting in granite cooking and industrial factories, severe shortages, illegal connections and corruption have become commonplace, which is not desirable. Now only if the government and the concerned, with greater emphasis on the production and use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, hydrogen power and biogas by increasing the mineral exploration and production of gas and coal, and reduce the dependence on the use of gas-electricity supplied It is not possible to bring it, but it will be a cause of great calamity for the nation and the nation. In this case, as soon as possible, the government should take immediate steps to speed up all the efforts and to implement it.

In this case, the government will have to refrain from providing new connections until the demand for electricity and gas is increased. For all private transport except public transport, gas has to be installed. Increase the price of gas for private transport. Especially in the case of residential and residential classrooms, such as new governmental, semi-governmental, autonomous bodies, autonomous bodies, and non-profit students, laboratories, canteen, hospitals, mess, childcare, dakbangla, charitable institutions, and more, on the use of bottled gas in the food hotels. Emphasis needs to be taken. However, in this case, the cost of bottled gas purchased less than the monthly price of the gas supplied to the government must be determined less, so that users are encouraged to purchase. Before adjusting the purchase price, adjusting the cost of luxury by adjusting the cost of luxury will determine the cost of realization. In order to control the uninterrupted use of gas, gas users like electricity users should also be brought under the card. It will be possible to prevent the use of it in many areas. Every factory will have to make separate reactivation in every factory for the conservation and use of gas in the industry, and the government-related gas supply companies must ensure daily supply of essential gas in that factory. In this case, necessary measures should be taken to keep the power of gas procurement in the factory level. Along with this, the companies involved with power and energy sector will have to stop the excessive corruption, illegal linkages, money fraud, nepotism and more delay in service and bribe taking bribe. Even now, there are illegal connections in the country where the illegal connections are found and they will have to stop permanently and the people who are aware of it will have to come forward. To avoid the illegal activities of the officials and employees of the respective departments and departments, it is necessary to ensure proper punishment for the guilty and to ensure speedy implementation.

To shift from the plan to set up more gas-based power plants, more people will have to concentrate on the use of renewable energy for ensuring gas and coal mining and fuel security. Because, for the sake of economic development, ensuring the speed of energy security in the country is one of the policymakers and the main moral responsibility of the government. In this case, the government will have to take all such initiatives apparently. Even then if the government and the concerned people identify more failure to implement the work, then the crisis will prevail in the public life. Which will hinder the position of the country's public and socio-economic development? In this situation, keeping pace with economic development, the energy security will be ensured quickly. However, it is not possible for a large population like us to meet the energy demand in this country, but to implement long-term energy security, the government will have to give greater importance to renewable energy research, development and proper use. The government's successful steps will be for the nation and the nation to ensure energy security and to solve the dire crisis.

Writer: Atikur Rahman, Columnist & Head acting PR Section at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT).
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