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To prevent corruption in education sector

Online Desk | November 19, 2017
প্রতিকী ছবি

প্রতিকী ছবি

The objectives of the third Primary Education Development Program Project for Bangladesh is to (i) increase participation and reduce social disparities in primary education; (ii) increase the number of children completing primary education and improve the quality of the learning environment and measurement of student learning; and (iii) improve effectiveness of resource use for primary education. This additional financing will keep the same objectives. The additional financing will finance recurrent and development expenditures, covering the entire primary education subsector, and which fall under agreed program budget heads (PBHs) of the government’s heads of account.

Disbursement is conditioned on the achievement of pre-specified results, referred to as Disbursement-linked indicators (DLIs), which are a subset of the government’s results framework. The activities financed fall under the following categories: (i) improving the quality of the learning environment and the measurement of student learning; (ii) improving access and reducing social disparities; and (iii) improving program planning and management, and strengthening institutions. The project, which was adopted for implementation of the objectives and objectives mentioned in this project, has stopped funding the World Bank project due to more corruption in the project, which is a cause of greater concern. In this regard, the concerned people will have to take immediate steps. In the news of the daily newspaper, I stopped the World Bank financing in the project, which is really painful.

The Funding of the World Bank in Primary Education Development Projects is closed, which is a cause of greater concern. For this reason, strictly handling all kinds of corruption in this project. The government started the implementation of the third primary education development program in 2011 to ensure quality education for the children in the primary stage of the World Bank funding. Although the program was scheduled to end in 2016, it has been amended to expire by December this year. But it is unlikely that the expiry of the deadline is less likely to end the work. Rather, in the implementation of the project, there have been allegations of irregularities in the media including low quality work. For this reason, the World Bank has stopped financing the Primary Education Development Program. The fate of the project will become uncertain. Which is not desirable? Although the cost of the project was questioned due to irregularities in the project from the beginning. There are more than five hundred officers in the project. However, the officials who have been appointed at the field level have no action at the field, but the wages are overly exaggerated. Besides, there are also allegations of traveling abroad because of non primary education development officers. Due to these inconsistencies, the World Bank asked for extra money back. Although the hope is that the company re-evaluates the related projects. For this, the World Bank has stopped financing the project for nearly eight months.

Project officials did not get any salary and allowances during this period. The report says that half of the primary schools are not built in the primary education development program. Expected expansion and expansion of the project is not expected to be implemented. Electricity connections were not given in the school where construction was done. In most organizations, the construction of the toilet is in addition to installing tube-wells. Risky school building reforms or new buildings have been created due to slowdown due to the students. Cement and lime fall out of the roof and walls of the dilapidated buildings. This condition of school buildings in almost every upazila of the country. The withdrawal of the World Bank's withdrawal from the primary education development program must be of concern.

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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It is questionable how far it is possible to drag such a big project to the government. The example of refunding development partners from the project is not new to us. But due to such circumstances, such a situation is being faced by the government of Bangladesh, such as corruption, but no such initiative is being taken to prevent it. Our administration has not been able to come out of the project implementation and spending culture over the years. No doubt, it exposes their ability and efficiency deficit. Frustrating, no government initiative is seen in this regard. There were some recommendations from the Planning Commission to stop corruption and irregularities in the project. The ministry was asked to follow the rules related to the rules. But it was not done. Rather, the increase in the rate of increase has increased, the time has become a normal matter. Changes in this culture are important.

The primary education development project has made important contributions to sustainable human resources development. Future of the project will become uncertain if the World Bank financing is stopped. We would like the concerned ministry to take appropriate steps to remove the irregularities. If there is a lack of coordination between the intercontinental governments, it will also be removed. The concerned project is under the Ministry of Education but LGED is implementing it. The Planning Commission could examine the role of a ministry in implementing the project and whether they are working properly. Increasing the return of money and the implementation of the project or the incomplete implementation of the economy. We would like, the government will take appropriate measures to resolve the problems arising out of serious consideration. It is not desirable that primary education development activities are hindered in any way. This is the major problem of our primary education system. Infrastructure weaknesses. But to overcome this, it is necessary to continue such a project. It is desirable that the authorities will take the initiative to protect the image of the country and to spread the light of education among the scattered children of the country. In the interest of country and nation, all kinds of corruption will be resisted in the education sector.

Writer: Atikur Rahman, Columnist & Head acting PR Section at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT).

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