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Higher Study in the Renowned Universities of Russia

Online Desk | August 04, 2016
Higher Study in Russia

Higher Study in Russia

Russia is one of the world's largest countries, a traditional superpower and a center of better education for most of Eastern Europe.

Its membership of the European Higher Education Area means that many Russian universities are now offering education in a more Westernized style, but studying an undergraduate degree in Russia is about more than just your course.

Russia offers stunning scenery, amazing cities and a plenty of culture, from the beauty of Saint Petersburg to the majesty of Moscow. Russia is a great place to be an international student, and is increasingly offering some groundbreaking courses.

How can you study a degree in Russia?
The options open to international students who want to study a degree in Russia can seem overwhelming. There are more than 600 state universities to choose from, as well as numerous private institutions all offering degrees of varying quality.

Russian universities have recently seen a move towards more Westernized modes of education in an attempt to make its system more compatible with other European countries. Russia signed up to the Bologna Process in 2007, replacing its tradition five year educational model with a two-tiered approach: a 4-year undergraduate degree followed by a 2-year Masters.

The vast majority of courses in Russia will be taught in Russian, so you'll need to make sure that your languages skills are up to scratch before applying.

Tuition fees:
Russia is a relatively new destination in international education, so tuition fees have yet to reach the expense of many other countries. Fees vary depending on the institution you are studying at, but as a guide you should expect to pay between EUR2,500 and EUR5,000 a year.

Entrance requirements:
The entrance requirements vary depending on the university and the faculty you are applying to, but are as in most places based on your previous grades, and sometimes and entrance examination and interview. Grades and transcripts must always be translated into Russian and notarized. Russian universities will often require non-native speakers to enroll in a Russian language course at the university before starting their full time studies.

শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

Account Benefit
Immigration and visa:
Russian visa requirements are notoriously tricky, so make sure you get as much information as you can before applying. All students will need a student visa to study a degree in Russia, regardless of nationality.

Your university can issue visa documents for you providing you fulfill the following:
You have a confirmed place accepted at the university
You have a certificate showing a negative HIV test
Proof of finances to cover the duration of your studies
You are no older than 28 for undergraduate degrees (35 for doctoral studies).

Accommodation and living costs:
Finding accommodation in Russia is not easy and can be very expensive, so most international students choose to stay on campus or in university halls of residence. This has the benefits of allowing you to make friends with other students, get support from the university and settle into Russian life more easily.

Living costs and rent:
Although Moscow has a reputation for a high cost of living, many other cities in Russia can be extremely affordable if you know what to look for. Public transport is cheap and convenient, bills are inexpensive and eating local produce will cut costs. You might find Russia surprisingly cheap.

Detailed information about Study in Russia can be found Here.

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