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BUET Students Developed Multifunction Android Controlled Robot

Online Desk | March 18, 2015
BUET students with their Robot

BUET students with their Robot

Four students of Mechanical Engineering department at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) - Aminul Haq Khaled, Ashiq Akif, Mehedi Hasan, and Abdul Muhaimin Rahman wish to do something with image processing.

The interest was increased when they have seen a great three-dimensional mapping Robot at the Digital World Projects Show in 2012. They decided that they will make a Robot and publish the research papers, if possible when they are in the 3rd year.

Expert in CAD Design, Khaled designs a great structure of the Robot. Have already been working with android phone applications, Akif started working with expert in electronics, Mehedi. It was much easier to build the structure of the Robot because of the crafty design of Khaled. And Akif was having the mentality of work perfectly.

These four brilliant students have participated in several competitions. Won the award, received recognition. They think that they have mostly benefited from those competitions- "Got many of the suggestions on our projects, it will help us in the future".

The name of the Robot is "An Android Controlled Mobile Robot for Live Streaming and Stereo Vision with Robotic Arm" made by the team named 'Unmad'.

A lot of different works are being done and running on the three of the main features of this Robot. The main work is to create a three-dimensional map of a place. In other words, the Robot will try to show the relative position of objects in every point of a place via a three-dimensional chart. At the same time, it will work like the surveillance Robot. As like, the Robot send pictures to the server computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

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Members of the team have developed an android app to control the Robot manually, which can be controlled using the Accelerometer of mobile device. A mobile phone camera is being used as the Robot's eye, which is intended to use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Communication system of the mobile phone. It can be better if the web cam was placed, but much different hardware has to place for sending pictures to server computer, which is increased complexity of the project. They uses MATLAB platform for image processing.

The main function of the robot is to create a three-dimensional map of a place. Three-dimensional mapping is more useful for the surveying of civil engineers. In other words, show out the high and low parts of a place. It is also used to carry objects. The whole process can be seen and control from a distance.

Team members think, work on Robotics is increasing in our country. But more works on line follower, Grid Solver and drones. These bright faces are dreamed to do great things on Robotics in this country. They dreamed to apply this excellent area for various help of people.
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