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Intelligent Laser Controller of SUST Students

Online Desk | November 13, 2013
SUST Students with Their Teachers

SUST Students with Their Teachers

The ever increasing technological demands of today call for very complex systems, which in turn require highly sophisticated controllers to ensure that high performance can be achieved and maintained under adverse conditions. There are needs in the control of these complex systems, which cannot be met by conventional approaches to control.

In a similar manner, there is a significant need to achieve higher degrees of autonomous operation for robotic systems, spacecraft, manufacturing systems, automotive systems, underwater and land vehicles, and others. To achieve such highly autonomous behavior for complex systems one can enhance today's control methods using intelligent control systems and techniques.

Following this, Bangladeshi students' achievement in this field is eye-catching so far. Recently, a student of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) has invented "Intelligent Laser Controller (ILC)".

The name of the student is Saiyad Rezoanul Haque Nabil, master's student of Physics department who developed the device with local technology as a part of his thesis. However, Robi Kormokar, 4th year student of Physics department and Maruf Hossen Rahat, 2nd year student of the same department helped him with this project.

All of them are member of SUST Robotics Aeronautics and Interfacing Research Group.

Professor of Physics department Dr. Yeasmin Haque and department head of EEE Dr. Md. Zafar Iqbal co-ordinated the whole project.

Nabil said, this device is working fine. It is a combination of remote control system and artificial intelligence. Controlling lager is now safer as the device doesn’t follow incorrect orders from users. Generally such type of device is imported from foreign countries which costs 8-9000$ for each. However, in Bangladesh, it will now cost only Tk. 3,000.

Professor Zafar Iqbal said, "Many students of SUST are doing well in software field. They opened companies after graduation from here. We expect hardware industry will also grow in our country on the same way."

ILC is designed by Nabil, Port created by Robi Kormokar and Maruf Hossen Rahat, planned by SUST PhD fellow Manosh Kanti Biswas and PhD fellow, Lecturer of Physics department Enamul Haque Joni. শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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