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EUDC - Debating Club of Eastern University

Online Desk | July 29, 2013
Eastern University Debating Club (EUDC)

Eastern University Debating Club (EUDC)

A few years back Eastern University Debating Club (EUDC) was an anonymous one in the debating world. But a group of passionate debaters of the club, with unwavering support from their mentors, have turned things around. Over the years the EUDC not only made its name locally but also performed proficiently in international stage.

EUDC came into being in August, 2010. Initially, it was a little bit slow in starting its operation, but it moved forward surely. With great support from the university administration and faculty members, and most importantly, thanks to the sheer dedication of its members, the club gradually ascended to prominence. And as a recognisation, the club was honoured as the 'Best Promising Club' by Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF).

At its outset the club had to put in much effort. Initially it had only one team to compete in a range of debate competitions, as a result the team members were under huge stress. Moreover they knew that it was their responsibility to uphold the university's fame through their performance.

Amid all these, the club put up a tough fight in competitions it participated. In 2012, EUDC team achieved two runner-up positions; one at Faridpur Debate Festival and the other at 5th Janata Bank Inter-club debate compition.

Later on, the team number was increased to three. One of the teams participated in World Universities Debate Championship, 2011-2012 held in Manila.

I was one of the lucky members of the EUDC team. For the first time the club stepped outside the national premises and came in touch with world recognised universities like Oxford and Cambridge. The World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC), also known as the 'Olympics of Debating', is an annual gathering of the world's best debaters and public speakers. A total of 396 teams from all over the world participated in that competition.

As the beginner in world debate, our motto was to enrich our proficiency. The whole program was seven days long and it was very instructive and prolific. The proposition of the debate was also very authentic. This challenges the argumentative skills on world issues.

In order to boost up the club's performance, the EUDC has started organising "Inter-club Debate Compition". Last year it was held on the university premise and wrapped it up successfully.

Iftekhar Mahmud, moderator of EUDC said: "The centre of attention of the club is not only polishing the rational skill of the students, but also improving the authentication of knowledge by regular practices which are part and parcel of being a good speaker."

With mutual cooperation between the moderator and the members, the club is delivering its best. No matter what turns out, the members of EUDC moves ahead with one goal - to be the top participant.শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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