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A Crime Story of a CU Student!

Aziz Monir | June 21, 2013
A Crime Story of a CU Student!

A Crime Story of a CU Student!

"I was just being admitted at Chittagong University. I did not know anyone. Suddenly I got involved with 'Ekakar' a group of belonging to BCL. Therefore, I got an enormous network to continue my weapon trade and Yabba business, which I had begun before…" Kutob Uddin Faroki, a second year student of International Relations Department of Chittagong University, gave this confessional statement to the police recently.

His heinous criminal story of robbery, hijacking, snatching & extortion revealed when police in accusation of killing threat trickily caught him. During under arrest he kept telling vividly about his unfinished dreadful journey. I had just finished SSC exam at 2007 when I used to live in a relative house at rattarpul of port city. Sahin Kibria, an elder brother, we caller him 'boro bhai' now live in Australia engaged me first to assist his weapon trading. In 2010, when I got chance at CU, I contacted top Yabba trader of Chittagong city to see high demand in university campus within students and teachers as well.

Consequently, I engaged with wrongdoing such as robbery, hijacking, snatching & extortion. Everything was led by 'boro bhai' a political elder brother of university. I just worked as facilitator following their order. Home made weapons, short guns, pistol, sharp dagger etc. I carried them out to respective persons. Eventually I never had an empty hand to do it.

Some university students grouped for drug, extortion and country made weapon trade as well in Baluchara, a nearer territory to campus and I used to go there. One month ago, Abul Hashem, one of my uncles came to see me for a political affiliation at university campus. I abducted him forcibly along with my two friends Sahin and Sohel, students of Islamic History and Economics department respectively. We confined him at room no.309 of forestry and environmental science department demanding a ransom of 2lakhs TK. Later he was given free with one lakh and 64 thousand TK. The police caught Sahin and Sohel but luckily, I fled. Finally, police caught him when he threatened Ovi Barua, a fresh SSC Examinee and son of Businessman Ashok Barua for killing.

Drug addict Kutob felt embarrassed when he asked about his family. I have four siblings. My family lives in village. My mother phoned me frequently, but I never even thought to talk to her and never seem him for a long time.

Meanwhile, Chittagong University Teachers Association (CUTA) strongly protested to include teachers in allegation with demanding his exemplary punishment. BCL, CU Unit president Mamunul Hoque claimed kutob is none of us. He just used political banner to save himself.

We Moreover, many students like Kutob now victim of restive student politics. Their leaders are misguiding them. Experts are worried about the deteriorating trend of student politics of our country.

It is important to bring student politics on the right track to produce honest and dedicated leaders for the future rather than being criminal where kutob is one of them! শিক্ষা সংক্রান্ত খবরাখবর নিয়মিত পেতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন অথবা Log In করুন।

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